Organic Blowing Agent

A chemical organic blowing agent which is mainly composed of Azodicarbonamide (ADCA). A blowing agent that is widely applicable for various purposes including heat insulation, shock absorption, and ornamentation. It has good features such as small aging variation, superior storage stability, and easy handling

UNIFOAM AZ is a yellowish powder composed mainly of Azodicarbonamide.
Azodicarbonamide is a compound that decomposes and releases gas under heat, thus able to form cells / bubbles in matrixes of plastic, etc.
Azodicarbonamide is widely used as a foaming agent for plastics and rubbers to provide ideal cell structure for thermal insulation, sound proofing, cushioning, and decorative functionality.

UNIFOAM AZ ULTRA is surface treated to enhance dispersibility and improve the quality of the blowing agent product. The blowing agents of the UNIFOAM AZ ULTRA Series have been developed with powder technology and surface treatment technology to avoid caking and dust pollution. These blowing agents are suitable for foaming resins that readily produce pinholes and voids such as polyolefin, EVA, etc.

Blended blowing agent are designed to provide functionality to foamed materials and meet the diverse processing needs conventional blowing agents cannot. These blended agents provide functional enhancements to foamed products and create bubble shapes that are impossible using conventional Azodicarbonamide-based agents. We offer different grades of blowing agents optimized for our customer's ideal processing conditions: decomposition temperature, gas volume, etc.

InOrganic Blowing Agent

Inorganic blowing agent made from inorganic carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Inorganic blowing agent improve the efficiency of the blowing process through endothermic reactions. This type of reaction enhances the quality of the foamed product and avoids issues seen in organic foaming agents such as discoloration and unpleasant smells.

Product Features

  1. Whiteness reduces discoloration in foamed material
  2. Reduced die contamination and metal corrosion compared to organic blowing agents
  3. Reduced molding time through endothermic decomposition

Masterbatch Organic Blowing Agent

Micro-fine blowing agent can easily worsen the working environment as well as making automatic weighing and supply difficult. Molding is also a concern in regards to worsening the foamed product. Masterbatch Organic Blowing Agent were developed in order to solve these problems and to improve the overall efficiency of the blowing agent. PT Lautan Otsuka Chemical is ready to supply their variety of blowing agents for objected plastics, rubber, or ways of molding.

Product Features

  1. There is no dust and deterioration of the work environment can be prevented, and it is very marvelous to, humans and environment.
  2. It is easy to carry out automatic measure, automatic supply, and improvement in the work effeciency can be attempted.
  3. It is easy to carry out the mixing to the plastic rubber, and it is excellent in dispersiviness.
  4. Possibility to choose the grade which suits purpose product and processing method, machining condition.

Masterbatch Inorganic Blowing Agent

Masterbatch Inorganic Blowing Agent were developed in order to improve the overall process efficiency of the blowing agent and better for environment. These blowing agents are suitable for PE, PP, EVA, etc.

Product Features

  1. There is no dust, and work environment being good and friendly for human.
  2. Smooth surface and reduce flow mark and sink marks in the injection and extrusion molding..
  3. Easy to handle, easy weighing, and easy to dispersed.


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