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Manpower Solution Outsourcing


The experience and expertise gained from working with global clients as a telecommunications’ equipment vendor and a telecommunications’ network operator enables us to source for and provide specialised resources to our global customers. Our technical and project experience also gives us the knowledge to ensure that we provide compatible talents for your project and organization.

Our Manpower Solutions Outsourcing service covers all levels of expertise in Engineering and IT in the Telecommunications industry including non- technical and management staffing for permanent and short-term employment which include:


  • Personnel Outsourcing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Payroll Administration

Network Planning and Optimization


Doubtless, our knowledge of your mobile business and your mobile network infrastructure helps us create high value added services in the areas of RF network deployment, RF network Optimization and performance management.

At the helm of these services, are our people. People with the right competence, who are equipped with effective tools and efficient systems to deliver results beyond your expectations. With intense competition, both locally and globally together with the advent of mobile data services, mobile network operators and vendors continuously source for ways to achieve and maintain uptrend profitability.

Mobile data is the new revenue stream that is reshaping the industry and environment with 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE and the 5G technology deployments. With such competition, process efficiency and cost reduction will be the key factor to sustaining business growth; however, managing customer experiences will ultimately make the quantitative difference.
We at Elabram understand these dominating factors and we have the services and solutions that will support your end to end network requirements.

We are equipped with multi-technology and multi-vendor advantage. Elabram offers an array of RF technical services that are vital to your 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and are moving forward towards the 5G Mobile Network Infrastructure and Mobile Network Business Success.


  • RF Planning and Optimization
  • RF Network Audit and Performance Benchmarking
  • Managed Services Radio Network Performance Maintenance and Improvement

Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Current information and communications technology has brought the world closer; allowing for fast, efficient and real time transactions between two parties anywhere in the world.

This technology has created a need for outsourcing business processes where companies benefit significantly in terms of lowering operational expenditures without sacrificing quality output and customer experiences. We give competitive businesses, the assurance of our abundant pool of human capital resources with various competence and skills which can be sourced from outside of the business country of origin. Outsourcing has taken its place as a key strategy and enabler of companies to realise sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

With our expertise and team of experienced professionals, we efficiently deliver non- core telecom processes from offshore and back end office scope. Elabram performs back end office functions from our center that is remote from your project and network location. This way, we save our clients in cost expenditure, while still maintaining the quality that is required.

Elabram can manage your 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks with our reliable and cost effective day shift RF services. Elabram is able to support your 3G and 4G LTE site deployments with our offshore back end office optimization services such as drive test post processing, including:


  • Network Measurement
  • Post Processing for Drive-test and OSS Statistics
  • In building Distributed Antenna Systems Design
  • Network Audit
  • Site and Cluster Optimization
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Business Process Outsourcing


We work with the highest professionalism and ethics when it comes to manpower recruitment and matching of key talents for our clients globally.

Elabram offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), involving people, processes and technology. Our role is to provide the talent, manage outsourced business processes and set up information and communication technologies (ICT) necessary to deliver the services.

Our recruitment process is structured to employ only the best talent with the right qualifications. We then engage the talent into formal trainings as well as the job training before the talent is deployed for professional work. Key Performance Indicators are in place so as to measure and achieve targets whilst delivering high end solutions as listed below.


  • Business Process Management
  • Outsource non-core function – Customer Services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Manpower Outsource)
  • Partial or Full Transfer of Recruitment Process
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