Our Company Profile

PT LAUTAN OTSUKA CHEMICAL is a join venture between Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd Japan and PT Lautan Luas Tbk Indonesia, was established on 17th July 1989 as the first Blowing Agent Manufacturer in Indonesia. We started to produce Chemical Blowing Agent - Azodicarbodinamide effective in September 1990 at our Cilegon factory under the license and technical support of OTSUKA CHEMICAL CO., LTD, - Japan who been active in bringing its technical knowledge to all corners of the world and involved in this field for over 60 years. In our factory we produce various grades of chemical blowing agents which is widely applicable for various purposes including thermal and sound insulation, shock absorption, and ornamentation. It has good features such as small aging variation, superior storage stability, and easy handling.

Message From President Director

“ Lautan Otsuka Chemical is a company that collaborates with customer to find creative new ways to utilize advanced materials. We would like the satisfaction of our products to make people smile more together with you too. Our company aims to become a corporate group that is capable of earning the trust of society and achieving sustainable growth. We thank you for your continued support of PT Lautan Otsuka Chemical”.

Takashi Itagaki,
President Director of PT Lautan Otsuka Chemical